Youth literature

«A novelist is a reporter of the soul.»
Mercè Rodoreda

La màgia dels reis (The magical Three Wise Men)

Columna/La Galera, 1994

Oriol is 17 years old. He lives on the coast. Like every year, he is preparing to have a good summer. However, without knowing it, he faces the most intense six months of his life. He, who had always managed in a family atmosphere without disasters, finds himself at a crossroads of unknown paths: seduction and love are linked with illness and death in an uncontrollable way. He suddenly realizes that he left childhood behind and learns that moving forward is a risky and dangerous game.

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Inside Sant Jordi

Documentary short film. Film director Josep Badell follows Xavier Bosch throughout the entire day of Sant Jordi 2023. Interviews, dedications, races and, above all, contact with readers.
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