Paraules que tu entendràs (Words you will understand)

Every great love story has its secrets.

Columna, 2019

With Paraules que tu entendràs, Xavier Bosch consolidates himself as the great builder of intimacies in our literature.

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Paraules que tu entendràs is a sharp portrait of coexistence.
A novel that explores couple relationships, each other’s secrets and the use we make of the truth. With a combination of tenderness and irony, of nostalgia and constant search for beauty, the characters move through the recesses of the soul, ready to move us.


Tireless adventurer Mara Lincoln organizes exclusive trips for her clients. Xavi Vera, a successful architect, receives the task of designing the house of her life. The couple is toasting to New Year in a hotel in the Swiss Alps, with their four old friends.

All six laugh, play and are happy, but nothing is ever what it seems. The year they start together can change everything.

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Xavier Bosch fa un retrat esmolat de la convivència a “Paraules que tu entendràs.” – Telenotícies 26/08/2019

Els secrets són sexis? Això pensa Xavier Bosch! – Tot es mou 18/09/2019

The Roca brothers, Joan, Josep and Jordi, appear in the novel. Celler de Can Roca has been awarded twice the best restaurant in the world.

Paraules que tu entendràs translations


Palabras que tú entenderás

Ediciones Destino, 2019

«Bosch is our Woody Allen of the middle classes aspiring to upper classes. He knows his characters well and uses them to talk about their things: sex, love that lasts -or not-, healthy or toxic infidelities, sincerity.»

Manuel Cuyàs