«Bosch is interested, above all, in the intimacy of the characters, in the Simenon way.»
Anna Carreras

32 de març (March 32)

The day when life gives us when you least expect it.

Univers, 2023

Paris 2008 – Paris 1940
A woman settles in Montmartre, in her grandmother’s house, and discovers her secrets.
32 de març is a novel about the battle between horror and beauty.

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La dona de la seva vida (The woman of his life)

Every family has its silences. Every country, too.

Columna, 2021

Xavier Bosch, in his maturity as a writer, combines his two worlds.
The builder of intimacies recovers journalism with a plot that can put an entire family in danger. It is the price of crossing the red lines of truth.

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Paraules que tu entendràs (Words you will understand)

Every great love story has its secrets.

Columna, 2019

Paraules que tu entendràs it is a sharp portrait of coexistence.
A novel that explores couple relationships, each other’s secrets and the use we make of the truth.
With a combination of tenderness and irony, nostalgia and a constant search for beauty, the characters move through the folds of the soul, willing to move us.

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Nosaltres dos (The two of us)

Is friendship possible between a man and a woman?

Columna, 2017

After the success of Algú com tu, winner of the 2015 Ramon Llull Award, Xavier Bosch dares to novelize the power of friendship and explore its limits.

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Algú com tu (Someone like you)

A global hit about the enduring force of love.

Planeta, 2015

Five days in Paris that justify your entire life.
Algú com tu is a novel about the enduring force of love.

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Dani Santana. La trilogia (Dani Santana. The trilogy)

Investigator Santana’s journalistic thrillers in a single volume.

Proa, 2016

Dani Santana’s trilogy is a literary success of the first order.

With Se sabrà tot, Homes d’honor and Eufòria, Bosch portrays the sewers of a complex society and puts the focus on committed journalism, be it from the press, television, or digital newspapers.

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Eufòria (Euphoria)

When things are not as the newspapers tell them.

Proa, 2014

Journalism and power, corruption in the health system and a novel that the powerful pharmaceutical industry did not like.

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Homes d’honor (Men of Honor)

Journalism and power, two corners of the same world.

Proa, 2012

Investigative journalism, power, intrigue, corruption, secret sex and action in a new novel about Dani Santana.

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Se sabrà tot (All things will be known)

“Everyone has a five-column headline that can ruin their life.”

Proa, 2010

Set in the Barcelona of the real estate bubble, Se sabrà tot, is a direct, lively and fast-paced novel, with all the ingredients to captivate readers.

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Inside Sant Jordi

Documentary short film. Film director Josep Badell follows Xavier Bosch throughout the entire day of Sant Jordi 2023. Interviews, dedications, races and, above all, contact with readers.
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Montreal, Leipzig, Sofia, Frankfurt, Munich are cities that have invited Xavier Bosch to present his novels.
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