«Xavier Bosch practices high comedy.»
Manuel Cuyàs

Jo, el simolses (Me, the Joker)

La Magrana, 1992

Ten stories written with a dynamic style and lively language that exude a romantic irony, faithful to the author’s obsessions: friendship, servility, sex, stupidity and pets.
The reader will find in Jo, the simolses a breath of fresh air, an informal tone, but not at all frivolous, an open smile, lively characters, the portrait of a world that is close to him and that will not leave him indifferent.

Vicis domèstics (Bad Household Habits)

La Magrana, 1998

Is it normal to receive condolences for someone who is still alive? Can constipation go from problem to benefit? What is the future of civil servants? Why do cultural television programs have so little audience? These and other enigmatic stories are the highlight of Vicis domèstics, where the author’s imaginative force, his direct style and the ability to portray the world around us, turn the 14 stories into one of the most original and fun narrative catalan proposals.

Inside Sant Jordi

Documentary short film. Film director Josep Badell follows Xavier Bosch throughout the entire day of Sant Jordi 2023. Interviews, dedications, races and, above all, contact with readers.
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