32 de març (March 32)

The day when life gives us when you least expect it.

Univers, 2023

With 32 de març, Xavier Bosch delves into love and journalism, the two thematic axes on which he has built his literary work.

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32 de març reveals to us that yesterday’s shadows are today’s risks.
Propaganda as a weapon of mass seduction.
Music as an instrument of salvation.
The stupendous power of love.


Bàrbara, a seller of international literary rights, settles in Paris as a refuge. To leave behind an experience that has unhinged her, she goes to live with her grandmother, Margaux, with whom she has a very special bond. One morning in 2008, the year of the big snowfall, Barbara finds a young stranger sleeping on her red couch. The enigmatic photographer -who never takes pictures of people- will help her in an unexpected quest. Together, they will discover the secrets of Mamie Margaux, a woman who survived the German occupation of Paris in World War II.

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«Xavier Bosch's novels are hymns to love.»

Ester Pujol