Collective work

«Bosch rehearses other genres, with the fundamental lessons learned.»
Manuel Cuyàs

Grand hotel (Grand hotel)

Univers, 2022

Xavier Bosch writes “Una nit a Como”, one of twelve stories set in real or imaginary hotels. Snippets of life that we see through the keyhole written by some of the best firms in our literature.

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Barcelona suites (Barcelona suites)

Univers, 2019

“Ciutat oblidada” is the story by Xavier Bosch in this compilation of ten stories written by some of our most relevant contemporary voices. Barcelona is the setting for all narratives.

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L’illa dels tresors (Treasure Island)

Diputació de Barcelona, 2019

L’illa dels tresors is a compilation of previously unpublished stories written to commemorate the centenary of the Catalan library network. All the stories share a common element: libraries.

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Catalunya (Catalonia)

Mediterrània, 2017

Twenty landscapes, one country. With texts by Xavier Bosch and illustrations by Pilarín Bayés, this book covers, one by one, twenty emblematic places in our territory. They both look at the same thing. Pilarín draws it, Bosch describes it.

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Inside Sant Jordi

Documentary short film. Film director Josep Badell follows Xavier Bosch throughout the entire day of Sant Jordi 2023. Interviews, dedications, races and, above all, contact with readers.
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La Vanguardia's
cover for
Sant Jordi 2015

With Jo Nesbo, Ken Follet, James Elroy, Pietros Markaris, Eduardo Mendoza, Dolores Redondo, Carme Riera, Javier Marías, Antoni Puigverd and Milena Busquets.