Se sabrà tot (All things will be known)

“Everyone has a five-column headline that can ruin their life.”

Proa, 2010


Set in the Barcelona of the real estate bubble, Se sabrà tot, is a direct, lively and fast-paced novel, with all the ingredients to captivate readers.

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«Action, facts and headlines command: corruption, crimes, sex, power struggles, human miseries, all for a journalistic exclusive… Bosch knows what he’s talking about.»
Ignasi Aragay


Se sabrà tot is set in Barcelona, in 2005. Journalist Dani Santana is appointed director of the Crònica newspaper. He will soon realize that truth is handcuffed and that ‘making ‘ a newspaper is a balancing act that goes beyond the logic of power and politics. Little by little, a network of interests, corruption and silence will be woven around him and will end up trapping him. As Senza, the head of the newspaper’s Society section, becomes involved in the investigation regarding the possible presence of Al-Qaeda in the city, both journalists lose control of their fate. When the director of Crònica resigns, no one can explain the strange circumstances that have led him to take the decision.

Se sabrà tot translations


Se sabrá todo

Booket, 2011


Bouclage à Barcelone

Liana Levi, 2015

Related Awards

With Se sabrà tot Xavier Bosch wins the Sant Jordi Award (Premi Sant Jordi de novel·la) at the Nit de les Lletres Catalanes 2009 Gala.

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«Direct style, fast-paced, without pauses and without distractions. Bosch forces the truth to reveal itself, despite the fact that the price to pay is too high.»

Francesc Garriga